Sunday, June 30, 2013

Currently...In the Midst of Change

I've been MIA for quite some time now.  I took a new job in February, but don't start until July 29th.  However, the spring was full of training - in DC, Tennessee, and online, looking for a house in a new state, getting certified in a new state, and moving all of our worldly goods North.  In the middle of all of this, we also moved my husband's 95 year old grandmother out of her home of 50 years.  I don't want to see a moving van for quite some time.  It took us 7 straight days and 3 trips back and forth from Tennessee to South Carolina to get it all done.  Boxes are still abundant, but for the most part we are settled.

Once we moved, it took us 2 weeks to find internet service.  We are in the middle of a dead zone and sitting in the country.  We had to drop our AT&T service (had it for 15 years) because there was no signal at our house.  They are charging us for ending a contract - not happy about that.  But that is a story for another day.  Ended up having to get the Verizon JetPack for service.  Happy so far, but limited on what I can and can't do online.  No one wants to pay the $15 overage fee.

I'm linking up with Farley for her July Currently.  Even in the midst of crazy, I find time to do this one. Look forward to it every month.

There is nothing like a little old school GNR to get the blood flowing.  In the background I also hear my Jack Russell Terrier demanding my attention.  I'm choosing to ignore it right now.

I'm sitting on the back patio of our house in TN.  I can hear the rush of I-75 in the background, but it is overpowered by the sound of crickets and birds chirping.  The peace in this area is unreal.  It's about time for the fireflies to start rising from their slumber. I love sitting out with my cup of coffee early in the morning.

I ended school on the 10th of June and will start again on the 29th of July.  Ugh!  The month of July will be spent in trainings - headed to Indianapolis for a week and then a week of CCSS for Literacy.  School goal meetings and new reading series meetings as well.  

I am in desperate need of completely unpacking every box, but I don't know what to do with some stuff.  My parents are headed up on Wednesday, so I'll take the time to do that over the next few days.  Just don't want to now.

Tips, Tricks or Hints:  Be transparent - in everything!  

Head over to Farley's space and see what everyone else is doing!  


  1. Glad your move(s) went some what well. Sorry you left the great state of SC, but I'm sure Tenn is great too! Good luck with the new job!

    PS Found you on Farley's Currently!

    1. South Carolina was a great state, but I'm only 3 hours away and still have family there, so I haven't really left. I'll be back I'm sure.

  2. How old is your Jack Russell? We have two of them. Thank goodness they keep each other entertained most of the time. I hope you get everything unpacked and settled soon so you can enjoy your new space before school starts. Have a great 4th of July :)
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    1. My Jack is 6 years old this month. He is a trip to be around, but right now he is sacked out on the sofa! Thank goodness!


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