Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Wishful Wednesday...

Beauty showed up in my Instagram feed today, sheer beauty.  The kind of beauty that made my heart do a backflip.  Beauty that made me take a breath and pause and ponder and wish the moments away.

Oh, how I wish that I could own you, take you home, and for a spin.  A spin at a fancy party, or even with my jeans in my posh rural town in Tennessee.  Oh how I wish that if I did that, no one would laugh at me.

Sarah Jessica Parker launched her new footwear line at Nordstrom's this week.  Secretly, I've been waiting for her to embrace her inner Carrie Bradshaw and do this for years.  The only reason that I watched the show was to feast my eyes on Carrie's envious wardrobe and to die for Manolo Blhanik collection of shoes that cost more than I make in weeks.

The life of the teacher - the battle that wages inside and outside of our bodies.  Do we bite the bullet and buy the cute shoes even though we will be on our feet 90% of the day and they will end up kicked off in a corner and replaced with flats?  Yes, a resounding yes, ALWAYS buy the cute shoes.

The two pics above are from SJPs Instagram feed.  Meet Bobbie - the mint pair of heels with scalloped trim.  Two words for ya - love it!

When I visited Nordstrom's website, my wishful thinking was dashed when I looked at the price tags.  I was hoping that she would create a line that was in the $100-$150 range.  I knew she wouldn't go with the teacher price points that are most common, but I was crossing my fingers for $100.  I can drop $100 on shoes like this easily.  I can easily justify that - wear to a wedding, neutral, adds pizazz to professional wear, etc.  but, $365 is not in this girl's budget.

SJP, if you are reading this little obscure blog about a teacher who is green with envy over your shoes, my size is 8.5.  I would love to have the Bobbie in Mint. My students would love to see those shoes walk into our science lesson each day :) I would feel like a dancer on Dancing with the Stars in your Maude heels and would rock the Fawn with my jeans.

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