Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1st…Really?!

Today is my parents' 40th wedding anniversary.  In a society where you don't hear of that happening often, I stand and applaud them - loudly!  I've been married for 16 years and I know how challenging marriage is and how important it is to continually work to making it better daily.

Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade posted the Currently for June and I jumped on board.

We haven't had cable installed yet, so we've been renting Redbox movies each night.  Tonight's is Deniro vs. Stallone…you can tell I'm interested, right?  If you asked me anything at all about it, I'd have to plead the 5th.  Not my kind of movie.

I've been on summer vacation since May 19th.  Woo Hoo!  I've done a lot already - moved into a new house back into SC!  I've spent the last 2 weeks packing boxes and moving vans.  Ready for it to be over!

But it won't be anytime soon because we have 5,000 boxes to unpack.  We moved into grandma's house and it wasn't empty!  So needless to say, we have to empty and CLEAN a house that's been vacant for 2 years before we can do anything with out stuff.  So, I'm living out of suitcases and boxes.  I've lost my coffee pot and can't find it!  Things are about to get desperate.  I desperately WANT someone to come and organize it for me!  Today I worked on the kitchen and pulled 50 years worth of pans, casserole dishes, mason jars, etc. out of hiding.  I foresee LOTS of trips to the local dump.

With all of the moving and cleaning, we are redoing the house to modernize it.  That means new appliances, paint, floor - the works!  Need a decent budget to do that.  Would be great to walk into Lowes' and just point to something without looking at prices.

I'm ready to start checking things off of my bucket list.  We are headed to the beach in 20 days!  While there I plan to check 1 and 2 off for sure.  My birthday request is to Kayak Shem Creek and then I'll take care of the Stand Up paddle boarding here in town.  My plan is to sign up for a local outing at the outdoor store in town.  Completely out of my comfort zone, but I want to branch out in my hobbies a bit.  It's also time for me to get serious about my health.  This past year was not good to me due to stress and time and I've paid for it.  We've started off well - walking every night so far.  Plan to ramp that up to running soon.  Just have to be careful because of my knee.

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  1. Congrats to your parents 40th anniversary! What an accomplishment! My husband's grandparents are getting ready to celebrate their 70th anniversary. That's a huge milestone! So, you just moved to SC? I'm a SC native, born and raised. I live about 40 minutes outside of Charleston. Kayaking in Shem Creek sounds like fun. So does paddle boarding. I've always wanted to try that! Good luck and enjoy your vacation! Welcome to the Palmetto State!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. We bought our first house and moved in about 9 months ago (right after the school year started), so I feel your pain! You'll get it done! Good luck finding your coffee pot, I'd be lost without mine, haha

    Second Grade Stampede

  3. Ugg! We just moved too and it is NOT fun. I never want to move again! But, the payoff is worth it. A home we LOVE, organized the way WE want it. Yours will get there too. At least it is the summer and you don't have to worry about school as well. Good luck with the redecorating!

    Teaching Momster

  4. Congratulations, you're absolutely right to stand and applaud them! Good luck on organizing this summer :)
    First Grade Dual


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