Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Technology Tuesday: Kahoot!

Are you looking for a way to engage your students like never before?  I found the most amazing little Web 2.0 tool that does just that.

I have 27 students and 18 of them are boys!  Can you believe that?  My boys are the MOST competitive boys I've ever met.  They are also the most active - always moving, can't sit in their desk, etc.  I had to find something that channeled all of those fabulous boy traits, but also engaged them in learning.

I stumbled across Kahoot!  It's an amazing little quiz tool that has totally changed my classroom.

I'm fortunate to have a 1:1 situation with my 5th graders, so this works beautifully.  Kahoot! allows you to create quizzes, discussions, and surveys to use in your classroom.  It is so easy to do so!  I've been using ActivEngage because I have a Promethean board, but their system is a little intimidating and didn't allow me some of the functionality I needed.

When you enter kahoot!  It's really simple to set up a quiz.  Just click on the quiz icon.

Name your quiz and get started!

Input your question and the answer choices. You can determine if your students can earn points by making it a points question and change the time limit.

This is my favorite part...I can input a YouTube video to play while students are logging in to the quiz.  I usually choose cute Sesame Street songs that have artists like Bruno Mars and Will. I. Am. in them.  My kids love them.

You can preview your quiz before you launch it with your students.

Once you are ready to launch the quiz, students head to kahoot.it and enter the game pin.  The above shot shows what you will display.

Students see this screen and just enter the pin that is on the board.

As students enter the game, you are able to see who has entered.

As questions display, this is what students see on your board or screen.

On their device, they only see the shapes.  They look at the screen for the answer choices.

After all students respond, a great little graph appears.  I use this to talk about wrong answers and students have to justify their choices.

At the end of each question, a ranking screen appears.

Students are also given the opportunity to provide feedback on the experience.  

My kids love it and ask for it EVERY DAY!  I'm getting ready to pull the plug and let them create quizzes for the content instead of me doing all of the work.  Thinking that may be a game changer too!

1.  User friendly!  My students can even create quizzes it's so easy.
2.  Works on ANY device!
3.  Embraces competition between students.

1. I can't see which student answered what...only an overall picture.
2. Web based...if the internet is down, you can't access it.

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