Saturday, September 29, 2012

Need a Support Group?

Sometimes, I feel like I need a support group for things in my classroom.  For things like technology, especially.  There are days where the technology is glitch free and works beautifully, and then there are days where I think it is all possessed.  On days like that, it throws my groove off and my kids feel it too. 

I'm pushing myself to really create iPad opportunities each day in my room, but I've got to be honest, sometimes it is really hard.  I know the potential that the device has, but I can't wrap my mind around how this whole turning in work, going paperless, sending grades world fits in with the iPad.  We've been using Evernote (hate it, by the way) as a note taking tool, Skitch to annotate on graphic organizers, but I don't have a word processing app to type finished writing assignments or something to generate work to put on display in the hallway. 

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my iPads!  But, some days, I need help.  So, I decided to create a group on Edmodo (another piece of technology that I'm forcing myself to become fluent in) for others like me that may need a little help or some great ideas.  If you want to join, sign in to Edmodo.  

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