Sunday, September 16, 2012

Carolina Girls Really Are the Best

Yesterday I made the trek down to Columbia, SC - not in South America - to meet up with a group of fantabulous teacher bloggers.  I had a great time getting to know everyone and hearing stories of classrooms all over the place.  It was great talking with a group of people that understood the frustrations of the classroom, got the simple aha! moments, and appreciated all of the time and effort that it takes to be successful on a daily basis.  I love talking with other teachers.  I'm sure my husband appreciates me doing that too.

Thank you to Hope  for organizing the whole shindig, Ginger for driving us down, and Lacie and Rachel for much needed laughter and sarcasm! 

In attendance {make sure you follow their blogs for fabulous ideas--no matter what grade it is!}: from left to right- sort of! Autumn, Ashley, and Tammy from Fanatical in First Grade
Kim (starting her blog soon, right Kim?!?)
Ginger from Gingersnaps Treats for Teachers
Elizabeth from Fun in 4B
Gretchen from Always a Lesson
Hope from 2nd Grade Shenanigans
Dana from 3rd Grade Gridiron
Shasta from The Loop
Heather and Juli from Simple In Second
Amanda from Teaching Maddeness
Amber from Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher
Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher
Elisabeth from Twins, Teaching and Tacos
Rebecca from Landing in K
Natalie from Teachery Tidbits
Lacie from Polka Dots & Pencils


  1. It was so nice getting to meet you yesterday! I had such a blast! Looking forward to keeping up with you Carolina girls...and the next meetup!

    Teachery Tidbits

  2. It was great to officially meet you, Shasta! Hope you girls had a blast during your stay in Columbia! I think we should have mini "upstate" meet-ups more often. ;)

    Teaching Maddeness

  3. I just found your blog after reading about the SC meet up on another blog. I'm now a new follower!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County


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