Friday, July 12, 2013

Data Driven

It's Saturday morning and what did I wake up to do first thing this morning?  Analyze test data!  We are having such an exciting morning - we as in my Jack Russell Terrier and myself on the couch.  He is conked out for the most part.

A portion of my new job entails analyzing test data with a leadership team.  This was a task that in years past, I did in a way, but it was completely unique to my students in my room.  Now, I am looking at an entire school's data.  Bless you Data Coaches and Instructional Coaches who have been doing this for years. Looking at my own individual class of data was overwhelming at times - Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies all kind of blended together after awhile.  But looking at an entire school of data with different tests...Whew!  It's enough to make you crazy. 

This girl dreamed of numbers and colors and Excel last night. Honestly, Excel is the stuff nightmares are made of for me.  I hate it with a passion.   Little did I know that I had a little elf working until the wee hours of the morning inputting formulas to make my life easier.  My husband stayed up until 4AM creating formulas to calculate percentages of basic, proficient, and advanced kids for the entire school and by individual teacher.  I owe him BIG TIME!!

Now that everything is all beautiful and works seamlessly, I love what I "we" have done together. 

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