Sunday, August 2, 2015

Assess Me Linky Week 2

I've broken the number one rule of blogging - one post a day, but...

Rachel over at The Tattooed Teacher is hosting week 2 of the Assess Me Linky.  I had to think about this one!

Let me admit something right off, I can't figure out how to change the color of a shape outline in Keynote.  So, if someone can help me out, I'd love you forever!

I am a casual girl.  All summer long I've worn came shorts, tank tops, and Birkenstocks - EVERY DAY!  Yes, I washed them, but that has been the uniform of choice.  My husband is spontaneous - not unrealistic for us to go to a wedding and then end up in the woods driving around looking for deer.  I told him yesterday I need to keep a bag of possibilities in the car at all times just in case I need to change shoes, wear long pants, etc.  But, if given the choice, jeans, shirt, and Birkenstocks are my choice. That goes for jewelry too.  Nothing too fussy!  Earrings are the most important accessory, but if the necklace is too fussy, I get frustrated. I've tried, honestly.

Rachel, I had no clue what Big Pimpin' was, so I had to watch both.  Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of either.  Boo!  But, you did introduce me to Thriftshop years ago and I loved it. So, there's that.

I'm a country girl now.  I was raised in the suburbs, but my husband has transformed me to the country life.  I like the quiet, the solitude, and the animals.  Give me a porch rocker and a sunset and I'm good.

Coffee is a necessity - all day!  This summer I've been known to drink a pot by myself.  I leave my house extremely early for school - 5:30 am and drink a cup before the hour commute, during the commute, and a cup at school.

I'm a night owl.  Give me school that starts at 11:00 am and goes until 5 or 6 and I'm good.  I get a 2nd wind and love to stay up late.  I get my best work done in the wee hours of the morning.

When Cheney and I got married we took a honeymoon on Amtrak across the country.  I loved it.  We had a sleeping car and turn down service, all of our meals in the dining car.  Loved every minute.  Would love to do it again, but in Europe.  I'm a nervous flyer, but appreciate the technology and use that as my go to for travel.

I love Central Air, but love Central Park!

Head on over to Rachel's to get the 4-1-1 on everyone else!

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