Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mr. Postman...

I absolutely LOVE getting things in the mail - letters, cards, Birchbox, packages, etc.  Anything that has been personally sent to me and arrives via the Postman (or woman) always puts a smile on my face. 

I'm a Birchbox girl and enjoy getting a box of goodies that are personalized for me and my beauty routine.  So, when I saw the SLANT box on Lessons with Coffee I got very excited.  More so about this than Birchbox. Why? 

Well, it is completely personalized.  Each person who participates is partnered with another teacher.  You spend a few weeks stalking getting to know one another through social media and then create a personalized package. 

My favorite thing about it is that it includes a personal letter and something handmade.  The cost is minimal.  The contents have to total $10, but you can find things on sale :)  This month's theme is: Oops! I forgot...

Each participant will create a personalized box filled with goodies that your partner could have forgotten with the busyness of the start of school.

Want to sign up?  Head on over to Lessons With Coffee!

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