Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Routine

Sundays look relatively identical in our house. They start the same and end the same. Here's a peek into what my Sunday schedule looks like.

 8:00 AM An impatient little pup climbs out from under the covers and begins the day with a request to go outside. When I finally do roll out of the bed and put real shoes on to trek in the backyard, I start a pot of coffee to brew while we are out. Sunday is the day I brew more than my share. Usually, it's a full 8 cups, sometimes depending on the temperature, it will be an entire pot. Taku and I begin the journey around the yard until he decides he's found the perfect spot.

9:00 AM  Breakfast while I check in on all the social media that I've missed in the 8 hours that I've been asleep. catches my attention as well as Pinterest, all of the blogs I read, and other celebrity mags.  I know, not good for a Sunday morning.

11:00 AM  Husband is usually awake and I fix him breakfast or a "brunch" because it is so close to lunch time.

12:00 PM Laundry begins.  I wait until Sunday to do the laundry from the week.  I despise laundry and put it off until the last minute.  That usually means no more socks, undergarments, or pants to wear.  

2:00 PM Work begins for me.  Lesson Plans, grading papers, etc.  It's a lot.  For the last 13 years, I've spent the better part of Sundays working on school stuff.  I hate it.  I had a time for about 2 years where I didn't bring anything home, but life doesn't work like that now.  I wish that I could show a visual plan like everyone else has been doing as of late, but my plans are SO detailed that I can't.  Here's a peek. Yep, it's all for one day for a 45 minute Science lesson.  These aren't even the most detailed of the lot.  

Lesson plans give way to support documents like graphic organizers, handouts, etc.  Then flipcharts need to be developed.  It makes for a very busy Sunday evening.  

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  1. Your Sundays sound a lot like mine - I think working on Sundays is a must for most teachers.


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