Monday, November 11, 2013

Thankful Week...

My friends over at BlogHoppin' are hosting a spectacular Linky this week - THANKful week for teachers.  Each day, for 4 days, the gals over there have chosen a theme and on Friday they will host a huge giveaway.  I know some of these ladies personally, and I'm confident the giveaway will be amazing.

So, here's the scoop.

So, today, being the 11th focuses on Time Savers.  Oh, I wish that I was an expert in this field.  However, my new position has FORCED me to use my time wisely and I am working on it.  I have a couple for you today.

1.  Windows 7 Sticky Notes:  All computers with Windows 7 installed have access to sticky notes.  Just go over to your start menu and type in the Search box.  *That's another time saver.  You no longer have to go to your library to get to your documents.  Just type the name of it, if you can remember it and you can access it right there.  Any who, on to Sticky Notes.  Most of the time I can't find the pad of sticky notes under the pile on my desk, so these electronic notes are the ticket for me.  I will likely lose it if it is on paper as well.  The only problem I have is putting too many on my desktop.  I color code them for different purposes and then delete them when I'm able to do everything on the list.  I'm saving trees too :)

2.  iPhone Reminders:  I live by my calendar and those electronic sticky notes, but my Reminders allow me to put a time deadline and an alarm on a task.  I use them DAILY!  You can see that I'm overdue on getting my transcripts to the District.  Oops!

That's it for today.  No big revelations here.  But, these work for me and save me countless hours of searching for that written to do list.

Link Up over at BlogHoppin!

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