Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mr. Postman...

I absolutely LOVE getting things in the mail - letters, cards, Birchbox, packages, etc.  Anything that has been personally sent to me and arrives via the Postman (or woman) always puts a smile on my face. 

I'm a Birchbox girl and enjoy getting a box of goodies that are personalized for me and my beauty routine.  So, when I saw the SLANT box on Lessons with Coffee I got very excited.  More so about this than Birchbox. Why? 

Well, it is completely personalized.  Each person who participates is partnered with another teacher.  You spend a few weeks stalking getting to know one another through social media and then create a personalized package. 

My favorite thing about it is that it includes a personal letter and something handmade.  The cost is minimal.  The contents have to total $10, but you can find things on sale :)  This month's theme is: Oops! I forgot...

Each participant will create a personalized box filled with goodies that your partner could have forgotten with the busyness of the start of school.

Want to sign up?  Head on over to Lessons With Coffee!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Stepping Out of the Box...Was It The Right Decision?

My friend Krissy of Venspired had the perfect image to describe how and why I stepped so far out of my box this year. I was tired of being comfortable.  Sure, I loved what I was doing, and I was very successful at it, but at some point I lost track of the days and my purpose.  I was too comfortable.

I wonder how many times my students became comfortable about what we were doing in class?  Did I challenge them enough, make them squirm a little because it was hard?  Did I push my kids to never settle for the same old, same old?

I hope that I did.  I hope that I showed them that always challenging yourself and pushing beyond your limits was a learning exercise in and of itself.  I hope I showed them that if you make a mistake, you learned in that moment instead of considering it a failure.  I hope that when students received their first "B" they understood that they fought tooth and nail for it and need to feel proud.

I hope that my parents received those same messages about their students.  The message that a B is sometimes hard earned.  That if students are consistently getting straight As that maybe it's too easy.

I pray that I taught my students how to work through a struggle and find a solution - maybe not the first time, but maybe the 2nd or the 3rd.  That it doesn't always come easy - that real life thing is really messy and knowing how to power through the struggle is the real skill Mrs. Looper was trying to teach.  

I hope that I taught my students that sometimes you have to take a leap because while it's nice and warm and cozy, it's just too comfortable.

Friday, August 2, 2013

August Currently

Linking up with Farley again this month over at Oh, Boy 4th Grade!

Listening:  When we moved to Tennessee, we decided to forgo cable television.  it was all good when we were getting settled, but now our evenings are full of quite a bit of down time.  Enter in Netflix - DVD style.  No internet is available at our house unless it's through our Verizon Jet Pack, so no streaming movies.  We have resorted to watching a movie every night.  I'm not really into this one.  My husband chose it.  I don't think he's into it either.

Loving:  I stepped out of my role as a classroom teacher this year and instead I'm considered a Master Teacher - basically a coach on steroids.  Today was our very first day and while it was very difficult not having kids of my own, I loved going into all of the classes today and helping out.  I can't wait for the year to get started!

Thinking:  I really do need to clean.  I've been crazy busy and I haven't had the chance in the last week or so to do a deep clean.  That's on the list for tomorrow :)

Wanting:  A new pair of shoes is an essential for my school start, but I haven't found any I'm dying for yet.  I need comfort because I'm running all over the school, but also need a little style to them.  No frumpy shoes here girls!

Needing:  Desperately needing a vacation.  I didn't get a summer because school in SC let out late compared to TN and I started back in July. The time in between was full of extreme training - almost every day!  I just need a moment to recharge at the beach.

B2S:  Flair pens are my favorite for writing and grading - they spice it up a bit.  Sharpies are a given.  Along with new shoes, I always get a dress for the first day!