Monday, June 29, 2015

Camp Go Noodle!

When I taught in Tennessee, I stumbled across my favorite teacher lifesaver!  Go Noodle!  If you've dreaded indoor recess since you began teaching, then GoNoodle is definitely for you! It provides the perfect activity and physical movement for your kiddos - and even yourself at times.

My 5th graders LOVED it and often begged for it after a test or a difficult assignment.  Of course, I honored that.

With students spending more time on technology at home than outside, it was an easy way to get my kids up and moving.

Well, this summer, Camp GoNoodle has started!  You can now join this summer and be active at home.  Even I need motivation to get off of the sofa in the summer.  If you are a teacher and use your school account at home, you need to go to the Camp Go Noodle link to get notifications for Camp.

The best part about Go Noodle, it is FREE!  It is a wonderful resource that I know you will get a lot of use out of, especially when your weather calls for a week of rain :)

Kindergarten Connections is hosting a Go Noodle link this week to kick off camp.  Head over to her blog to check things out!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! :) I... oh... I mean, my kids are loving Camp GoNoodle already! HA! Thanks for helping to spread the word about GoNoodle. I hope it's saving the sanity of parents across the country! LOL


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