Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Are You Scopin'?

While I was living vicariously through my teacher blog friends in Vegas, I somehow became a part of a huge teacher takeover in the social media world.  I don't think Twitter's Periscope knew what was coming when teachers took over their live streaming app.

Periscope is an amazing tool that has endless possibilities in the educational world.  I'm brand new...so, I don't know everything there is to know yet, but here's the basics that I've discovered so far.

1.  Periscope is live time.  That means you can interact with an audience immediately.  When you begin your stream, your "followers" can log into your stream and see what is happening in your world.

2.  Immediate feedback is given!  Viewers can interact and post questions, comments, anything while you are streaming.  **This is really interesting and very tempting to comment on during your stream, but don't forget, your followers are trying to listen and if you are distracted, your content is compromised.

3.  Streams can be viewed for 24 hours.  If your viewers miss it, they can still access it on the app for 24 hours.

You can save your broadcasts to your camera roll on your phone for access later.

Right now, teachers are experimenting with the uses of Periscope.  So far, I've seen short snippets of book talks, professional development, introductions, classroom set up, etc.  Many teachers are using it to somewhat replace a blog.  Instead of writing about a post, how cool is it that you can just talk to people.

Is it scary?  Yes, I jumped in with both feet and was a nervous wreck.  But, here's my first introduction scope as a part of the #periscopeteacherchallenge and the #sundayscopinchallenge

Well, I didn't know you couldn't access it from the servers.  Broadcasts are only stored for 24 hours.

How do I plan to use it?

1.  Showcase my student presentations.  I want to provide real audiences this year with my students.  So, if you follow me, look for our presentations.

2. Book Talks - I'll be sharing a book talk about my new finds for 5th grade this week.  I plan to continue to do this all year.

I'm sure there are ENDLESS opportunities and I can't wait to discover them all with you.  Here's my details, follow me and let's learn together.


  1. Will you get special permission from parents to show their kids on Periscope?
    Faith Filled Teaching

  2. I plan to do so, but also plan to purchase masks for kids to wear that cover their faces, but not their mouths. Then, they can put the mask on and not worry about showing their faces on the screen.


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