Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Currently

Say it isn't so!!!  There's no way that it can be July already!  That means that I only have one week before I begin teaching summer school and that lasts until the week before school starts!  I'm not ready!!

The start of a new month means Farley is back with Currently!  I don't know about you all, but the daily and monthly link ups are a way to keep me accountable to this little space.  I'm forever grateful to the creative geniuses that thought up all of these great little things.  Now, if I could just think of one too!

Anyway, without further adieu...

Listening:  Hubs and I stayed up all night last night reading and watching movies.  I know, wild and crazy right!  That's the best thing about summer.  Well, it's noon and he and the puppin are still sound asleep.  No television is on and the A/C just kicked on for the day.  Thankfully we have had mild temps around these parts and it has been quite pleasant.  

Loving: I am a voracious reader!  I mean it!  It's nothing for me to crank out 100 or more books a year.  This year I challenged myself to read 100 in the summer.  Well, I'm on about 20 I believe, so I probably won't hit that goal.  If I was reading books for my classroom, then I could, but these are adult fiction.  Best one so far, Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd.  Seriously, go get it now!

Thinking I turned 40 this week and all of a sudden all of those doctor appointments and conversations start - mammogram, weight gain, etc.  Not liking it one little bit!

Needing:  I need more time!  Summer school starts in 2 weeks and then I start school after that.  I've spent the summer working, which I've enjoyed, but I still need more lazy days. Better tackle that to do list soon.

All-Star: I could have gone with the easy answer - using technology, but I dug deep for this one.  I love to create a snowball effect in conversations.  For example, a few weeks ago, I was writing curriculum for our engineering units for the upcoming school year with a group of teachers.  One teacher was stuck on an idea so we just starting ping-ponging ideas and the conversation led to an amazing unit for our 4th graders.  A few years back I was introduced to Design Thinking and we had to use "and" instead of "but" when we were brainstorming ideas for a birthday party.  That one little exercise blew me away and I've tried to do that when planning anything or trying to think of alternative solutions.  It's amazing.  Try it - with your students!

Go to Farley's and check out all of the other Currently posts!  It's my favorite time of the month!


  1. I love your snowball effect ideas!! Using "and" instead of "but"!! That seems hard to do! More time...yes we are all in that boat together! I wish I had some, too :)

    This Little Ladybug

  2. I love staying up late and watching movies. That's a summertime must. I agree about the needing more time thing. We always need more time. It is amazing how all those non-school days get filled up with all kind of other things. I'm ready for a few more lazy days too. Hope you have a great rest of the summer!

  3. Love your post! I especially like that you create a snowball effect in conversations! That is a great skill to have! :)

  4. I totally need more time too. I have one week until our 2 week summer program begins then there are only 10 days after that until we start school. Where did this summer go? Hopefully you will find time for a few more lazy, movie watching, reading days! That's too cool that you and hubby stayed up all night just hanging out. Don't feel bad about being 40, I turned 46 this year and I feel I am a more confident, better wife, mom, etc than I was when I was younger. I don't feel my age, that's for sure. I live by the saying, you're only as old as your feel. I choose to feel 35! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Luv My Kinders


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