Friday, June 22, 2012

Ad Free YouTube...Who Knew?

I stumbled up on a gem of knowledge this week in one of the tech workshops that I taught this week.  Sometimes, it is the simplest things that blow me away.

For years, I've used YouTube in my classroom to introduce concepts, engage students, embrace pop culture, etc.  I have loved it and so have my kiddos.  However, I always spent vast amounts of time utilizing Zamzar as a way to convert a YouTube video to a downloadable file that had no ads.  YouTube wasn't open until recently in my district, and even when it was opened, I was worried about the ads and other videos that show up on the side of the screen.

This week I learned how to avoid all of the extras.  It's so simple that you will not believe it.  All you do is type the word quiet in front of the web address for the video.  For example:

Original address:

Quiet address without ads:

I cannot wait to utilize this in my instruction this fall!

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