Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tech on Tuesday: Show Me Tutorials

Last week I talked about my most used app for flipping the classroom, but I didn't do the how-tos. So, this week, I'm working on tutorials.  ShowMe is a FREE app!  If you are like me, FREE is the best option for my classroom.

Show Me is a very easy tool to use on the iPad.  My 2nd graders mastered it in no time with just a little guidance.  I used this app on a daily basis in my classroom.  I used it to flip my classroom by recording videos for my students to watch at home for homework.  Over the course of the year, I also used it to record tutorials for math and reading strategies so my parents could see how I was teaching a particular skill.  Then, I turned it over to my students to use. Students recorded proof of mastery and I used the ShowMes that were created as a part of assessment.  My students LOVED using ShowMe.

When you first begin with ShowMe, you have several different options.
On the left of the screen, you can see your options: Explore, Activity, Featured, and Search.  At the very bottom, you have the option to create.  One of the reasons I love ShowMe is the fact that there is a huge community of users that you can tap into.  In the explore feature you have the ability to search ShowMes that are already created.  If you need a video for math, explore the math area.  You can also Search from this screen if you are looking for something specific. 

To Create, just tap on the Create button at the bottom and you will see this:
Then when you are ready, you hit the record button and begin.  This app captures what you write as well as what you say.  So, as soon as you hit record, begin talking.  You can also import an image.  I would suggest doing this before you begin.  Otherwise, you will record that step in the process.  Don't forget that when you use an image, copyright laws still apply. When you are finished, tap "Done" to save.  Then you will see this screen:

If you like it, you can save it.  If not, delete it at this screen.  The only negative that I have found is that if I am unhappy with my ShowMe, I really have to start over. If this happens at the beginning, it's really not a big deal.  But, if it happens at the end, you can't just erase the voice over.  You have to start over. 

Once it is saved, you will have the opportunity to choose who you want to see the ShowMe.  If you choose Private, you will be provided a link that you can send to those you want to see it.  It will also be saved in the ShowMe app.  If you choose Friends, this will post to the friends in your ShowMe account (you will need to sign up for this option), and if you post to the World, the entire ShowMe community can see it.

In my classroom, I used the private option more than anything.  I posted my videos to the world, but when it came to my students, I kept theirs private or within the friends that I had (mostly my parents). 

I received LOTS of positive feedback about using ShowMe in the classroom.  My students LOVED it because it was not a paper pencil assignment.  My parents LOVED it because it brought them into my instruction and helped them to see how I was teaching.  I LOVED it because my students were able to have me in their ears if they needed me through headphones while working.  This allowed me to work with small groups of students who needed a little more face to face time with me. 

I hope you can use it.  I would love to hear about your experience with ShowMe.

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