Saturday, December 7, 2013

December Currently

I think I am probably the last person to link up on Farley's December Currently, but I don't want to miss out on this tradition.  Each month it's the one post that I am guaranteed to blog.  So, without further adieu...

Listening:  A colleague at work was playing instrumental Christmas music last week and her room was so peaceful.  I mentioned that I liked it and she handed me a CD and said I could have it.  I like the uncluttered feeling of instrumental.  I'm still able to work and focus, but the atmosphere of work is different.

Loving:  A lighted Christmas tree puts me at ease with its peacefulness.  I could sit in the living room for hours with a cup of coffee and stare at it.

Thinking:  The Chattanooga Christmas market opened this weekend.  I want to go today, but the hubs wants to hunt.  Think we are headed there tomorrow - if I get my work done (I should probably start, right?)

Wanting:  Since moving to a new city and taking on a role that is more admin in nature, it has been very difficult to befriend people.  I've crossed to the other side and that has been difficult.  So far, it's been me and hubs taking on the world, which is fine, but that core group of friends would be great to have in town instead of 3 hours away.

Needing:  To work on the stack of evals that are sitting in my bag.  I only have 2, but they take hours (5-6 ) to write up.  They are the last two before Christmas and cycle 3 starts. Once I finish those, I'll be okay, but it's getting started with those and then lesson plans!

Favorite Tradition:  Stockings have ALWAYS been my favorite Christmas tradition, even when I was little.  I was more excited about what mom put in the stocking than what was under the tree.  For the last few Christmases, hubs and I have taken stockings and twisted it a bit.  We set a price limit for stockings and then go out shopping for each other.  The first year we did it, we set $50 as the limit and he spoke my love language with the gifts - beignet mix, salt water taffy, and a case of glass bottled Mexican cokes.  I LOVED it.  This year we have set the limit for $100.  We bought each other a nice big gift, so I'm looking forward to seeing what is stashed in the stocking this year.

Head over to Oh, Boy 4th Grade and see what is currently happening with everyone else.

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  1. I love Christmas Music too! It is my fave! & You are NOT the last person to link up I am right behind you. ;)

    It will take some time to find some good friends in your new city. I am going through similar feelings as well and I am only 1 & 1/2 hours away from my friends. I have always heard quality is better than quantity. I'm sure you will find someone soon. =)


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