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Today I spent some time over at Venspired reading.  Krissy is one of my most favorites to read because she is honest.  She inspires me to always step out of the box I have often created for myself and experiment, push the limits, always dream, and encourage my students to do the same.  So, I'm trying her "Eleven" challenge.

Eleven Random Facts About Little Ole Me

1.  When my husband told his family about me for the very first time, he told them that I was in fact named after a hunting dog.  True Story- Completely False.

2.  My first dog was a mutt German Shepherd named, Bowzer, after the guy off of Sha-Na-Na.  It was a treat for mom and dad to let us stay up after 9:00 on a church night to watch.  For some odd reason, I found love in Bowzer at the ripe old age of 8, and felt compelled to name my first furry companion after him.

3.  I LOVE to read and read on average a book a day when I'm not working.  Unless it is Harry Potter and then I stretch them out over days for extreme enjoyment.

4.  I'm a listmaker.  I make lists about lists about lists.  Then, I lose them and have to make more lists.  Right now, there are 5 sticky note lists on my end table - all about the same thing, just in different steps.

5.  I abhor cooking.  Really.  I. Hate. It!  Hence the eat out every day almost week.  I have to get better so we can save some money.

6.  I find it an adventure to move around the country.  So far, I've lived in Alaska, Washington State, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  Both my husband and I get restless after about 5 years and look for the next adventure.

7. If I could travel anywhere, it would be to Europe.  I'd love to spend the entire summer or spring just exploring history.  I'm not at all interested in doing the touristy ventures, but want to immerse myself in the culture and really get to know the continent.

8.  I have a collection of real lady bugs on the lamp beside my sofa.  In October, ladybugs migrated through our town - in HUGE clouds.  My husband was outside when this happened and he carried a few hundred into our house.  They have slowly hung on over the last few months.  There are about 20 left and they are all congregated on the lamp beside the sofa.  I don't have the heart to set them outside because they will surely die because of the temperatures. I've noticed they are getting weaker every day and it is breaking my heart.

9.  I am one of the most driven people that I know when it comes to work, but ask me to commit to exercise and for some reason, I can't get the get up and go attitude.  I know it's good for me and will have lots of benefits, but I lack the motivation after working 12 hours each day.

10.  I have VERY low tolerance for people who yell at children and mistreat animals.  I am completely unnerved when I hear a teacher yelling at a child over something stupid like homework.  I am unable to watch any commercial from the humane society because they bring me to tears every time.

11.  When I was in college, I sang in a trio with two very good friends.  We traveled around to churches and even recorded in a studio.  If you asked me to sing today, I wouldn't be able to, it terrifies me.

Now to answer Krissy's questions:

  • 1.  What inspires you most  of all?
I live for the moments when I see a sparkle in a child's eye or a smile in the classroom.  It's the lightbulb moments that I strive to create every single day.  When a student achieves a small victory or a large one, I love being the cheerleader that stood beside them and coached them along the way.
  • 2.  What is the best food you’ve ever tried while traveling?
I have to say New York Cheesecake is my favorite food that I've tried while traveling.  But, Thomas Jefferson's sweet potato biscuits at City Tavern in Philadelphia were pretty dang good, as was Martha Washington's pot pie.  Shrimp and Grits from the Seewee Restaurant in Awendaw, SC and the blue crab tacos from T.W. MacGuires's in Mcllellanville were amazing.
  • 3. What is your favorite holiday? Why?
Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I love sitting in the dark living room with only the tree light reflecting on the entire year.  The traditions of stockings, food, gathering with those you love are icing on the cake.
  • 4. What is one school supply that you could not teach without?
Sharpie Markers!  I know, boring, but I doodle with them and the colors inspire me to color my lessons with variety.
  • 5. What’s your typical morning beverage?
Coffee with cream and sugar - at least 2 cups.
  • 6. When you fly, window seat or aisle?
I like the aisle so I can stretch one leg out further.  My knees hurt all the time and sitting in a crampled position doesn't help.
  • 7. Describe the best teacher you had when you were in school.
Laurie Clement, Advanced Biology and Chemistry!  She pushed me until I was angry enough to prove her wrong.  She taught me that questioning a teacher is not a bad thing, but adds to my experience.  She saw the potential in me before I saw it in myself.
  • 8. Do you enjoy cooking? Anything specific?
  • 9. What book are you currently reading?
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  Every year, I read the entire series the month of December.  I'm on track to finish before New Years!

  • 10. What’s your all time favorite movie?
To Kill A Mockingbird with Gregory Peck or the Original Sound of Music. Gone with the Wind and Wizard of Oz are close.  Can't choose just one. Add in Casablanca, Pride and Prejudice,  and the Harry Potter series.
  • 11. If at the end of your life, there is just room for one word on your grave marker, what do you think it will be? 
Driven - and that just convicted me that I've sacrificed a lot along the way.  I probably need to take a moment and really nurture the things around me instead of always being so focused on what is next.  I'd hate to get to the end of my life and have that word be on my grave marker.  I'd rather have loving or loyal.

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