Monday, August 20, 2012

2012-13 Classroom Reveal

I know that I am not alone in feeling that my classroom is never completely finished.  Teachers spend countless hours - BEFORE - contracted time to make everything as close to perfect as possible before meeting students for the very first time.  I know that I spent close to 48 hours in my classroom setting things up, creating displays, organizing existing materials, etc.  That does not count the endless summer nights I spent cutting, laminating, and creating sitting on my counch watching television.

Today was our Meet the Teacher day, so I think I am close enough to done to show you a few pictures.  There are still a few details to be added, but none that will truly make a huge difference in the appearance of the room. 

My students should never question how to spell my name since it is posted on our doorway.   This is the door into the hallway.  My favorite craft from the summer is my pennant banner.  I LOVE it!

 My school has a school wide engineering focus, so our school behavior motto is to "Stay in Gear."  This is recited on the school news each morning and students are held accountable for it.

 I found these adorable chalkboard signs in the Target Dollar Spot.  I think I am going to attach a clothespin to it and add the Engineer of the Week's photograph.  I love the "Listen to your teacher" poster and Spud Behavior.

My steal of the summer is the gumball machine cookie jar.  Students will write their memories of 4th grade on slips of paper and put in the jar for the end of the year reveal.  Here is our Spud for spud behavior. Students earn a body part for each whole class compliment that is received.

 This is the only area that I am not really  happy with.  Right now it houses our folder box and math manipulatives. 
 For Meet the Teacher I set up my memory book from last school year, sign in sheets, guest book, and one of our iPads.

 I gave up my teacher desk years ago and cannot bring myself to go back.  However, I struggle every year with all of the things I have to keep out for observers.  This is where students will turn in their work - the drawer system will keep it neat.  I found this guy at Wal-Mart for $34.  The milk crate is where my lesson plan binder and portfolio will be kept.
 I don't start class jobs until the 2nd week of school when we have procedures in place, but I can't wait to use this tool this year.

 I'm fortunate to work in a school that has a "kitchenette" in the room.  I love the counter space.  The 3 paint cans are a part of our 4th grade incentive program.  Each child is sorted into a scientific lab - Menlo Park (Thomas Edison) and a few others.  A classroom can have an assortment of labs.  Students are given tokens when they are caught doing something good, win competitions, etc.  At the end of the year, the winning lab will have a huge celebration.  I'm a Harry Potter nut, so I like this idea.

 This is my teacher desk.  It doesn't have a lot of space for organization anyway, so it is kind of easy to give it away.  But, I turned it into a writing center for my kiddos.  I hot glued the curtain - my mother would be proud.  The fabric is beautiful in person.  I want something made out of it that I can wear.
 This is the book area.  I don't have a center because I feel like the entire room can be used.  I have 25 children and not a lot of nooks and crannies, so this has to work.

 Our book recommendation board.  I cannot wait to hear about all of the great reads from the summer.

 My brand-new, touch screen Promethean board!  Can't wait to use it!

 My small group area.  On the bulletin board I will place Calendar Math.  Waiting for all of that to arrive.

Student Work displays.
The Writing Process board and Editor's Checklist.

The one thing I forgot to take a picture of is my iPad board in the hallway.  I'll do that sometime this week and post it here.

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  1. Your room is beautiful! So colorful! I think your students are going to really like it.

  2. I love the color scheme! Your classroom is too cute! Thanks for linking up!

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