Friday, August 3, 2012

August Currently and Friday Finds

Farley, of Oh, Boy in Fourth Grade is hosting her monthly "Currently" series.  I've enjoyed looking at all of the other bloggers as they post what is currently happening in their lives.  I am currently up to my ears in all things back to school.  My to do list keeps getting longer and longer. I'm linking up so come check everyone out!

As a part of Fabulous Friday Finds, I made a spontaneous purchase today in the most unexpected place.  My parents are visiting from Louisiana for the weekend and we hoofed it to downtown before it got too hot.  One of our usual stops is Mast General Store.  As I was peeking around, I found this fabulous gumball machine.  I've always wanted one, but honestly was not willing to pay the hefty price tag that often accompanied it.  Well, today, it was marked down to 11 bucks!  There was no decision making, it made its way into my bag without hesitation - after I paid for it.  I cannot wait to use this beautiful thing.  I was in the market for a glass jar for my "Fourth Grade Memories" jar, but I will be using this one instead.

I'm linking up with Fun in Room 4B for Fabulous Finds Friday.


This week is shaping up to be busy again.  It is filled with an appointment to get my car serviced, a hair appointment, a social studies meeting, a technology meeting and a trip to the vet.  Mix in a little time in my classroom and I may not see home very much.  I want my room in place before we report back on the 16th.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I found you on the August Currently! I am your newest follower.
    I also have a lot to do! I wish that Cheney could come make my house sparkle! Come and check out my Currently!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  2. You and me both on the unlimited budget! I'm just starting out this year and I feel like I need another few hundred dollars to even get half of what I want!


    Surviving the First Year

  3. love that gumball machine.. so cute.. thanks so much for linking up!!!

  4. I found you through the August Currently linky. I am so jealous about your clean house! Mine is in shambles. I would like to join you on the unlimited budget for your classroom...a girl can wish! I am your newest follower. I would love for you to check out my blog and enter my giveaway when you get a chance.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  5. Love the jar and love using scrapbook paper for my crafting things. I am a new follower and found you via the August Currently.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  6. I found you through your currently post. My house is such a wreck right now with all the B2S stuff, I'm thinking about canceling my cleaning lady this month. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be able to find the carpet or tabletops to clean anyway!

    I have to admit I've never used a glue gun in school until this year. What a difference! Why didn't I know about this before?!?

    I'm your newest follower! I guess I'm now In the Loop!

    Inside this Book

  7. Love the gumball machine for a memory jar!

    Success in Second Grade
    Don’t forget to check out My Summer in Pictures Linky Party

  8. Wanting that unlimited budget also. Since June I have spent over $300 on my classroom! I need to put that on my daughter's college payment.
    Stop by sometime.

  9. I love that gum all machine! You found an absolute steal!! Thank you for linking up with me :)

    1. Not gum all (stinkin' iPad). Sorry :)

      Fun in Room 4B


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