Monday, August 20, 2012

Blog Hopping: Teacher Week

I know that I am breaking a blogger cardinal rule for posting more than once in a day. I am so sorry for those of you who have a goal to clear out your RSS feeds and Google Readers. I'm one of those too, but I stumbled across this amazing Blog Hop at Blog Hoppin'.  Apparently, it is Teacher's Week!  It sure feels like it too.  I've started back to work and today started with a bang - Meet the Teacher today.  I met 24 precious families - my students, siblings, friends, grandparents, aunties, etc.  I love that everyone comes out to celebrate going back to school.  My room is cluttered with Rubbermaid containers full of supplies and now I have to find somewhere to store them - ALL of my cabinets are full! Eek!!

Today's topic is Must Haves...

It just would not be the start of school without these guys:
I LOVE Sharpie markers.  I think it is a mark of a teacher.  I remember liking them when I was in school.  I use them for EVERYTHING!

This year, I fully embraced the personal laminator craze that was going on on many teacher blogs.  I received one from a precious family last year, but didn't use it until this year.  I've burned through some serious laminating pouches this week.

One of the BEST purchases ever was my cordless hot glue gun!  I've had it for a few years, but it was well worth it.  I actually purchased it on accident.  My dear husband went to get one for me and just grabbed one.  When we arrived at the counter it was $20 and I freaked a little (money is precious at the beginning of school). But, after 2 years of use, it is still going strong.

It would not be school with a cup of this each morning.  So blessed to drive by it on the way to school.

Check out the other teacher must haves! Off to bed to prepare for another busy day before my kiddos arrive.


  1. I just discovered the cordless glue gun and I love it!!!

    Ginger Snaps

  2. the cordless hot glue gun was one of the best inventions. Love your list. Now I want to Dukin coffee.


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