Sunday, August 26, 2012


Isn't it amazing that once kids become a part of the back to school equation, all resemblances of a normal blogging life cease to exist.  Kudos to those of you who are able to keep up the blogging the first week of school.  We had kids 3 days this week and I don't think I even stopped to breathe most of the time.  I know I didn't sit.  I have no extra chairs in my room and I don't have a teacher chair.  So, for 3 days I stood.  Not to mention, my classroom is on the 3rd floor of the building.  Let's guess how many times I went up and down the stairs.  I'm thinking somewhere around 100.  If I don't lose weight this year, there is something seriously wrong with me.

I dropped the ball last week for Teacher Week, so I'm here to catch up with you guys...

Therapeutic Thursday:

My prescription for therapy is simple: get a pedicure.  It is easily the best 20 bucks I spend every two weeks.  There is nothing in the world better than letting someone else rub my feet, massaging my legs, and then getting me all pretty for open toed shoes.  I haven't gone this week (boy do I need it), but will be making my appearance on pay day!

I also sleep to relieve stress.  However, this is the first year in 13 years of teaching that I haven't taken a nap every day of the first week.  Wowza!  I must have done something right!

Would love to tell you that running is my therapy as well, and at one time it was, but I haven't been in over a year.  That is getting ready to change though.  I'm bringing it back beginning this week.  3 days a week I plan on bringing my shoes and clothes to school and hitting the trail that runs beside my building.  There is beauty in working at a downtown school.  Hopefully, that beauty will be a few sizes smaller by Christmas.

Freebie Friday:

I don't have a freebie I've created, but I have a wonderful free tool that I am using this year.  If you haven't heard of Remind101, you must check it out.  This is a site that allows your parents to sign up for text messaging from you.  The beauty lies in the fact that you will not be providing your cell number.  It all originates from this address.  I know many times parents are more connected to cell phones instead of email, so this will be a great tool to use.  I've already had most of my parents sign up. Can't wait to use it!

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