Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guilty Pleasure Linky Party...

I am so excited to be joining Ashley from The Resource Room Teacher this week for her Guilty Pleasures Linky Party. 

I've blogged about a few of my guilty pleasures on my personal blog, but not here.  So here it goes.


1.  Dunkin Donuts Coffee - I've lived on the West Coast and while I was there, I was a Starbucks snob by default.  However, over the years, I can't handle the bitterness of their coffee.  When I lived in Seattle, I only ordered their white chocolate mochas or a latte so I didn't taste the bitterness, but I don't drink those anymore.  When I started drinking regular coffee, the Starbucks brand was terrible - even their new Blonde Roast. So, I tried Dunkin.  Honestly, I tried Dunkin because it was the ONLY coffee shop near my house in South Carolina.  I was so thankful that my little town finally had matured.  I stop almost every morning to get a cup of French Vanilla Roast with cream and sugar.  Yum!  I haven't had many this summer though because I've been being frugal and brewing my own.  (Still trying to perfect the perfect cup)

2.  The Bachelorette  - I know, I know - no one should watch this trash, right?  At least that is what hubs says.  I can't help it though.  I'm drawn in like a moth to a flame.  And we all know what happens to that moth when it gets in the flame.  I love the drama - the whining guys, the crazy women, and this season, I'm loving that Emily has guts to tell 'em like it is.

3. Burt's Bees Chapstick, Carmex, lipgloss, etc. -Every winter coat has a tube, every pocketbook, and some have about 4 or 5.  I'm headed to Williamsburg this week and made sure that I have about 5 tubes to get me through the week.  I don't think I've ever finished a tube, but I love them anyway.  I don't go anywhere without a tube and often find it in the washing machine because it has been stuffed in a pocket.  I buy a tube almost every time I go shopping.


4.  Mexican Coca-Cola - I love my Mexican coca-cola.  It is sweetened with cane sugar and not high fructose corn syrup.  You can find it at a little restuarant in my town and a Hispanic grocery store by the case.  For Christmas a few years ago, my hubs bought me an entire case for myself.  Love that guy.  But, there is NOTHING like an ice cold coca cola on a hot day.  Even better if it is poured over crushed ice.

Head over to The Resource Room and check out the linky party.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your guilty pleasures! I also wanted to let you know I am awarding you with the One Lovely Blog award. You can stop by and pick it up anytime!

    Keep Calm & Imagine


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