Monday, July 23, 2012

Made It Monday...

If this posted correctly, I'm currently in Williamsburg, Virginia at the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute.

Technically, I haven't made anything this week other than a huge mess.  I did get a few housekeeping things done for my class this year, but that is about it.

1.  Word Wall Words - I'm changing grade levels (moving to 4th) so that means new word wall words.  I decided to get a jump on things and print them ALL out before school ended.  Talk about a daunting task.  I went through 3 packs of colored card stock.  Each word under a letter is supposed to be on a different color of paper.  I have to fudge it because the letter T had 27 words.  So, if the color duplicates I'll just add a pattern around it.  Anyway, I had to cut all of those bad boys out this week.  I figured that while I was sitting in my recliner catching up on Days of Our Lives I could be useful.  Can we say painful?  I don't even have a picture to show what the pile looks like.  The next step will be to organize the words by week.

2.  Back to School Packet - I had copies left over at the end of the year on my printer so I used them to get ready for this year.  I printed out my back to school letter, Meet the Teacher information, Student Questionnaire, etc. This week I organized it all.

3.  Engineering Design Process - See the back wall of this houses my Engineering Design Process gears.  I loved them last year, but when I went to take them off of the wall, the foam ripped, so I'm spending some time redoing them for the coming year.  I loved the bright colors and plan on repeating the same style.  The only thing that may change is the size of the letters.

**I would love to be linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics, but since I'm out of town and the link is not up yet, I can't.  Will do when I return.

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  1. I love everything you're doing in your classroom! It's looking so good and love all of your ideas. It's so great to be in a new room, although it's a lot of work. I'm giving your blog an award. Come by my blog to get it. :)
    Cathy :)
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